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By Robertson Family Dentistry
June 06, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Have you been putting off getting that crown you need because multiple crown appointments don't fit into your schedule? Same-day cerecCEREC crowns offer a better solution. Drs. Kevin and Anita Robertson of Robertson Family Dentistry in North Royalton, OH, share some information about this innovative crown option.

The CEREC process eliminates waiting

There's no longer any need to visit the dentist twice if you need a crown. Although porcelain crowns still require two appointments, CEREC crowns are ready at the end of your one and only visit. Because porcelain crowns are created in a dental laboratory, there's generally a two-week wait between the time your tooth is prepared and the day you actually receive your crown.

Your CEREC crown isn't created in a lab but produced in our North Royalton office. After we prepare your tooth by reducing its size, we'll take a quick digital impression. Manipulating the impression with the CEREC system's CAD/CAM software helps us design a crown that not only fits well, but looks completely natural in your mouth.

While you wait, we'll send the design to our office milling machine. The machine takes a block of ceramic or porcelain and gradually removes layers as instructed by the software. At the end of your visit, we'll test the fit of your crown, make adjustments if needed, then cement it on to your tooth. We won't need to see you again until it's time for your next checkup.

CEREC offers important advantages

Many of our patients prefer CEREC crowns due to these benefits:

  • No More Putty Impressions: Making an impression of your mouth before CEREC crowns were invented involved holding a tray of messy putty in your mouth for several minutes. The putty impression process wasn't so comfortable and caused gagging in some patients. Thanks to the digital impression process, putty is no longer needed.
  • No Temporary Crowns: You'll need a temporary crown after your first visit if you choose a porcelain crown. Because temporary crowns are not designed for permanent use, you must be very careful when you eat, as hard or sticky foods can damage or loosen the crowns. No temporary crowns are needed when you choose a same-day crown.
  • No More Long Waits If There's a Problem: Most CEREC crowns fit perfectly, but in the unlikely event that there's a problem with your crown, we adjust it while you wait.

Improve your smile with a CEREC crown! Call Drs. Kevin and Anita Robertson of Robertson Family Dentistry in North Royalton, OH, at (440) 230-2323 to schedule an appointment.


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