One Dentist for the Whole Family
By Robertson Family Dentistry
September 07, 2018
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Family Dentist AppointmentHave you thought about choosing one dentist for the whole family? There is no need for each member of the family to see a different dentist. Family dentists treat patients of all ages so they can treat everyone in your family. You can also save time and minimize traveling to separate appointments by scheduling the entire family’s dental checkups for the same day. At Robertson Family Dentistry, Dr. Anita Robertson and Dr. Kevin Robertson are your North Royalton family dentists.

What is a Family Dentist?

Family dentists treat patients of any age rather than specializing in treating a specific age group, such as only children or adults. Family dentists provide oral exams and dental cleanings as part of your family’s regular checkups. They provide a range of restorative and cosmetic dental services, as well. Your family dentist in North Royalton can provide a variety of dental services for your whole family.

Benefits of a Family Dentist

One benefit of choosing one dentist for the whole family is convenience. Having a family dentist means there is no need to keep track of appointments with different dentists at various locations. Everyone can see the same dentist at a single location, which also has the added benefits of saving time and minimizing travel. The entire family’s dental checkups can be scheduled for the same day at one convenient location, eliminating the hassle of traveling to different dental offices on different days.

Another major benefit of choosing a family dentist to treat the whole family is that children and teens can continue seeing the same dentist even after reaching adulthood. Kids who see a pediatric dentist while they are growing up will need to switch dentists once they are older. Choosing a family dentist to treat the whole family means kids can continue seeing the same dentist they already know and are comfortable with, which can increase the likelihood that they will continue scheduling regular dental appointments throughout their lives.

There are multiple benefits to choosing one dentist for the whole family. You can save time, minimize travel, and your kids can continue seeing the same dentist into adulthood. To schedule checkups for your family with Drs. Anita or Kevin Robertson, your North Royalton family dentists, call Robertson Family Dentistry at (440) 230-2323.


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